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dual occupation disclosure

 As a mutual fund representative I may be dually licensed for the sale of mutual funds and insurance products and may represent separate companies for each purpose. As such, you may be dealing with more than one company depending on the products purchased, or services rendered. Remuneration may also vary with the particular products/services purchased.

I will be representing ACC Global for the sale of mutual fund products and I will provide you with the name of the entity that I represent while conducting insurance related business. The sale of insurance products, and preparation of tax returns, is not the business of, or under the supervision of ACC Global and ACC Global will not be liable or responsible for such activities. 

I am also an insurance agent represented by but not limited to Manulife, HUB Financial Inc., Travelance, 21st Century Travel Insurance Limited, Blue Cross, TruFinancial Consultants, HL Bayview, SmartLife Financial, ivari, Canada Life and EDGE Benefits.