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Every story has 2 sides

on Tue, 01/31/2012 - 10:04

It is a very interesting morning… 680news featured on 2 pieces of news regarding Holiday spending… One says: RBC survey found 31 per cent of Canadians spent more than intended during the holidays; the other one says: majority of Canadians managed to keep their holiday spending in check


The 2 pieces of news are actually came from the same source, the same survey by RBC, which the press release titled "RBC Poll finds most Canadians stayed on budget over the holidays". As you can see, the same story can play different angles, all depends on how the report/editor wants to present it.


I remember when I was in the media, we always compare how the same piece of news being presented by different editors from different newspaper. It was fun. And what I wanted to show you here is that: the same thing always have different angles, as we all know.


Take saving as an example: 

Normally what is your savings for?

- home ownership 

- retirement savings

- education for kids

- reduce or eliminate debt

- general savings (for rainy days or trips or things like that)


PLUS your everyday expenses!! Of course, we have to figure out what is our own priority on what we are saving for… we do have to remember an old say "pay yourself first". If you feel you have to pay your bills first, consider yourself as a bill payment and get that paid together with your other bills. The trick is to do it first and work with what you have left for the rest of the month. 


I always hear people say, "Once we get our heads around our finances, we will start saving". The truth is, generally, majority of people cannot save AFTER the spending, it is much easier to save BEFORE your spending, and that works for a LOT of people.


If you find yourself get caught in a "can't start saving" situation; or a "not sure what to do to save more" situation, I might be able to help.

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