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My first day at the Power Expo

on Thu, 10/18/2012 - 10:50

I had the pleasure to run a workshop at the Power Expo yesterday, it was a great day. A pity that they had technical difficulties at the time when the event was supposed to start, and that delayed the whole schedule. Of course, we all understood these things happen, and we waited patiently for the event to start.

One thing though, because of the delay, some people that I have talked to told me that they had to skip my workshop because they were going to another event in Markham :(

Furthermore, my workshop time had cut over 1/3 of the planned time, even I was ensured that my time wouldn't be cut... Oh well, my workshop couldn't be as interactive as I hope because we just didn't have the time and I had to rush over my points, even forgot to tell people to go to my booth to grab materials that I prepared specifically for business owners for this event.

I thank Caroline getting me involved in this event as I have meet a few really good contacts yesterday :D Anyway, have to go now as it is starting NOW!! Will share more in a later date :)

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