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Release of "What to look out for when running your own business" video

on Sat, 11/10/2012 - 15:33

After a few weeks of compliance reviews and busy schedule, we have finally got the video on the Power Expo done. For more info on TruFinancial at Power Expo, please visit my blog.


"What to look out for when running your own business" workshop

There are several important factors to consider beforehand, when starting your own business venture, and this Workshop will provide the necessary steps on:
- how to be prepared for your start up
- how to decide whether to be 'Incorporated' or not
- how to get funding for your venture
- how to pay yourself in a tax efficient way
- who to choose as your banking partners
- how to control risk and keep your liability out of your personal assets
 Together we will explore the needs and challenges faced by new business owners today, and provide solutions for moving forward.

Special thanks to:
Benecaid - for being there whenever I need them;
Canada Life - for creating such amazing literature for small businesses and professionals, and shipping without delay;
Manulife - for never letting me down;
Industry Canada and The Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation -  for being so accommodating at such short notice in shipping material to us. 
Of course, I have to thank Caroline Dafoe for inviting me and running this amazing event with Dianne Ojar-Ali and Loana Morgan.

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