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TruFinancial Consultants once again donated hand sanitizers for good cause

on Mon, 10/28/2013 - 13:59


Markham, Ontario, October 28, 2013 — Markham-based financial advising firm TruFinancial Consultants donated their hand sanitizers in support to a free wedding for a fabulous couple. Eco-friendly hand sanitizers were provided to wedding guests at the dinner.

This was the second time TruFinancial Consultants supporting the Wedding Saviours. The first one was the Durham Region wedding in 2012. Aside from the hand sanitizers, Trufinancial Consultants also offers free 90 Minutes Consultation sessions to the married couple as well as the runner up couples.
"As a financial advisor, I have seen too many couples got in debt because of their weddings. I am sure getting together and start a new life should not be starting by having DEBTs together." commented Mimi Lee, managing principal of TruFinancial Consultants. Mimi then connected with Wedding Saviours to consider include her service to help newly weds on budgeting and cashflow management. "Getting married is such a milestone in our lives, we should have a good plan ahead.
A few things had marked history on this event:
- The wedding was a group project of 81 team members including vendors from the Wedding Saviours GTA team 2013, this is the largest team Wedding Saviours had got thus far;
- total value on the wedding worth over $80,000, including a honeymoon trip;
- our groom is a double-lung transplant recipient;
- the finalists collected a total weight 24, 036 lbs on food and water, delivered and donated to the food bank, through their pay-it-forward social activities, during the contest before the winning couple was picked
Learn more about the newly wedded couple, Sarah and Keith's touching story - winner of the Wedding Saviours GTA 2013. 
TruFinancial Consultants is a Markham based financial consulting firm helps clients in budgeting, wealth creation, credit rebuild and risk management. Their clients are mostly small businesses and entrepreneurs, also small families.
Wedding Saviours is a group of wedding professionals and business partners who have come together to provide a Free Wedding Day for couples in need. The couple will be dedicated to the communities they serve and to the many charities within them also in need of assistance.
Medonyx, Inc.’s gelFAST 2Go sanitizer's clear bottle and clear cap is recyclable, no dyes or additives to the HDPE/LDPE plastics. The gel is also Bio-Based (made from substances derived from renewable biological resources, as opposed to most gels formulations, which use non-renewable substances, such as alcohol derived from petroleum products) which makes it more eco-friendly than other hand sanitizers. gelFAST 2GO achieve 99.999% effective at killing microbes in a healthcare setting.

Photo credit: Virtuoso Photography Inc.

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