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TruFinancial thanks all who supported the "Wear Your Pink" hand sanitizers campaign

on Sat, 12/03/2011 - 13:56

Markham, Ontario, December 2 — Markham-based financial advising firm thank you all the supporters who bought their "Wear Your Pink" hand sanitizers during that campaign period. All the proceeds goes to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada.


Since 2007, cancer had surpassed cardiovascular disease (heart and cerebrovascular) as the leading cause of death in Canada.



Breast cancer, is NOT just a female-related disease, men could suffer from breast cancer as well. 


Cancer as a whole, happens among young people as well. Between 2002 and 2006, an average of 2,252 new cancer cases were diagnosed every year among adolescents and young adults. Little is known about the risk factors for many of the leading cancers in this age group, which makes prevention difficult. 


A lot of people suggest that have to do with the life style we have nowadays, the food we eat and the environment we are living in. Other than try to live well and watch our diet, little we can do to prevent. :(


Is shocking that females aged 25 to 29 years were one-third more likely than males to receive a diagnosis of cancer! Guess if we cannot figure out how to prevent, maybe a smarter way is to manage the risk we are in!!


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