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What is needed to start earning in the market?

on Fri, 03/16/2012 - 12:22


World stocks hit 7-month peak…Again. 


Everybody is talking about the bull market that we had gone through but LOTS of people had missed. Reason behind, people are still very skeptical and they still keeping their money in GICs. Some people who are holding equities (even they are holding onto the investments) are not convinced that the market is going to go anywhere, whereas they decided to stop investing any new money into the market, hence, more money in fixed deposits and GICs.


I want to share a couple of things with you here (which I do think LOTS of us had talked about): It is about the time you are in the market, not timing to be in the market. However, may investors are still not seeing WHY?


Let's first look at the 20 years' market snapshot… 

*courtesy of Dynamic Funds


Note that if we stay in the market, the big picture shows us the market always goes up in the long run. You cannot expect a plant to grow over night, not even over a week, right?

Now, let's look at another fact.


Many people still favour GICs because they think that they will not lose money on GICs, please take a look at this... You are actually losing money by keeping it in GICs (not to mention it is NOT flexible in most cases)!!

*courtesy of Mackenzie Financial


We had been trying very hard to make everybody understands that being in the market is the way to go....


Mackenzie Financial had drawn a very interesting graph I really want to share with you :)


*courtesy of Mackenzie Financial


So, what do you think now?


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