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Why Twitter is still amazing

on Thu, 03/28/2019 - 02:18

Time flies. It has been 10 years since I have been using Twitter and 12 years on Facebook. Think this is also the best time to update this post that I did 5 years ago. 

Truly SEO friendly

Facebook pages' status updates are still not showing up on Google as search result, the page does show up but information doesn't necessarily is the latest - the same search preformed on Google resulting with Facebook comes back with some older information compare to the latest tweet on the same topic with Twitter. Although that particular information was NOT listed under page info and the status was a "pinned post" on the page (see the third picture).

Truly public

Tweets are still getting a lot more publicity. Twitter handles can be found by using keyword search, with or without hashtags, but on Facebook, even though with the correct name of the page, the page still not showing up as expected. The following pictures showed how I was not able to find a page a friend of mine originally screenshotted, even though I got the correct name of the company. Eventually I had to ask my friend to send me the direct link to the page to be able to "like" it.

Truly interactive

This has not changed much, I still find it hard to "tag" people or Facebook page if it was the very first time I interact with them on Facebook. Again, anyone can start a conversation with any other user by adding their twitter handle to the dialogue. This conversation can easily be viewed by others on this platform even if they are not following each other. 

Truly promotional

It is quite a disappointment on the ease of finding recommendations on Facebook. First of all, the business page does not show the public that it got "shared" (even when the person who shared the page had the post shared publicly), it can only be seen on the user's profile.

Secondly, recommendation can actually disappears based on how people recommended the page and can be very hard to find (picture on a Facebook business page profile without logging into Facebook is showing only one recommendation :( whereas the other cannot be found...

Recommendations works really well on Linkedin (when people signed into the network), whereas Google business page is the only place the public can actually see ALL the recommendations received.

Truly Consistent - not anymore :(

The inconsistency of Facebook feed under different interfaces across different platforms is still here, but now, even my Twitter feed, is no longer consistent across different platforms... Although I have to say, the layout of the 2 social media sites are quite consistent (compare to Netflix's platforms on different Smart TVs vs tablets). BUT, this alone doesn’t stop me from loving Twitter (although it would be nice if my Twitter feed consistent again).

Share with me if you find your experience is different!!

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