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Ever dreamt of a nice wedding without paying for it?

on Thu, 04/18/2013 - 12:42

If that is one of the things you think is really cool, helping a couple out so that they can win a free wedding from Wedding Saviours. Or... are you interested in entering yourself to see whether you can win that FREE wedding??

Wedding Saviours is a group of wedding professionals and business partners who have come together to provide a Free Wedding Day for couples in need. The couple will be dedicated to the communities they serve and to the many charities within them also in need of assistance.  

People who know me well might recall my involvement in community work from time to time

Creating the perfect budget

on Sun, 11/04/2012 - 09:10

I have been hearing more and more people saying they cannot do a budget (not just people who feels they can't, but also people who have been done relatively well in their savings), ultimately, everybody feels that there is not enough savings (which is a good thing).

A lot of people have very negative thinking on budgeting. "Cut backs, tracking every penny and cannot have fun anymore..." are what they have in mind when they heard of budgeting, but really, budgeting is about figuring out how much you can spend after your bills.

Back to basics

on Wed, 04/04/2012 - 08:57

I had a few meetings lately with some referrals from my clients, thanks to them :) But I found that people are not having the basic idea of how to build a sound financial plan. Of course, I can understand that investment is always exciting and interesting, fact that lots of people want to learn (and see) their money grow than the boring "saving" talk. However, they are not seeing how important stability is.

A good advisor should not be showing you what you want but the best solution for you.

Please do not hesitate to talk to an advisor... for your own good

on Wed, 09/14/2011 - 18:59

Manulife Financial (one of my business partners) released a series of illustrations on a survey (Canada's 2009 Canadian Financial Capability Survey) result yesterday: Making Cents: A Study of the Financial Literacy of Canadians, which shown that many Canadians have real challenges with financial literacy. From budgeting for today to planning for tomorrow.

I would like to say something on these findings.

The first thing I am not very happy with (worry rather), is that 48% of home buyers (maybe even current homeowners) saved less than 5% of the cost of their home.