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University of Waterloo

Interview with Hugh Reilly

on Sat, 03/15/2014 - 16:43

If you ever wonder why I am doing what I do, how did I get here & some interesting facts of Mimi Lee, here you are... LOL
Talked about @UWaterloo, @BombshelterPub at Liquid Lunch @thatchannel about my life, my career. Mar 4, 2014 Youtube link on @Hugh Reilly 

ThatChannel Studios had been in Toronto for 10 years & Hugh Reilly's “Liquid Lunch” internet television show have been offering media opportunities for entrepreneurs, independent leaders, permaculture experts, artists, musicians, alternative health care workers, change makers and spiritual people;

Thank you for continuous support

on Thu, 08/01/2013 - 09:13

Lately, I have got a couple of thank you notes and recommendations on LinkedIn, more importantly, I have got quite a number of referrals from current clients in the last year and half. This post is specifically for them, let me say to you here "Sincerely, thank you for all your support in all these years".

I recall when I was approached to get into the business, I nearly chickened out the initial interview with my training manager at Clarica (now Sun Life), because I didn't think I was a good sales. He talked me back to the interview and introduced me to the branch manager at the time.