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Advantages to start your company while U are YOUNG

on Fri, 09/09/2011 - 12:23

This is a series of tweets I replied to a young twitterer, @Cora_Harrison, who lived in Wakefield/Huddersfield in UK. According to her profile, she is a "Tweeter. Blogger. Geek. Uni Student. Mac User. Photographer. Web Designer. Investor. eBay Lover. We Are What We Do Young Speaker. Traveller. Iphone Lover..." She was supposed to have a web site (a blog?) at which is no longer online :( 

Anyway, here we are, top 10 reasons (I am sure we can come up with a lot more) to start your company as a young entrepreneur.

Advantages for young entrepreneurs:
TIP 10. You adapt a lot better and can fine tune more flexible compare to older people
TIP 9. You learn A LOT faster when u are young 
TIP 8. You don't have as much obligations as adults, if u fail, big deal! 
TIP 7. You don't have kids or spouse complain that you work all the time
TIP 6. You have lots more energy to stay up for allnighters
TIP 5. Not as much to consider, just yourself and your future
TIP 4. Easier to get funding, lots of great programs in Canada
TIP 3. The younger you are, the easier you get recognition
TIP 2. Families' support is always there, in case of failure, got fallback
TIP 1. People give more chances to young entrepreneurs as they show their courage


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There is no doubt that it is advantageous to start your company while you are young. All the tips of reasons listed herein are based on practical observations. Since, young people have a number of advantages over the older ones, this is right time to start a business or company. If we consider the lives of successful people, we would easily agree that these people achieve success during young age not in the later age.

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I am trying to motivate my son to try different things, hopefully he will be able to take advantage of this and get somewhere when he is still young!!

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That are some really helpful tips! Thanks for sharing!

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Hope you will come back and read on my blog again :D

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nice great tips, i like it very  much!

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Please do come back often for more tips!!

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