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How to make sure you have an enjoyable trip

on Sat, 03/08/2014 - 14:57
*updated on June 12, 2016
Spring is around the corner, we are pushing our clock an hour forward again. After the brutal winter we had, I am sure everyone can't wait to go out, stretch their legs and plan for a vacation.
I did a previous blog post on different kinds of travel insurance. Now let's explore why do we even want to consider it.
Travel insurance, again, consists of two major parts: one insures the people who are traveling; and the other insures the trip cost should the people can't go or have to come home in the middle of the trip for certain reasons.
This article, will look at the personal coverage. To make it very simple & straight forward, this part covers emergency medical expenses while we travel.
Note that provincial health plan (OHIP in Ontario, I had listed what OHIP covers here) does have some coverage even when you are out-of-province, please check what OHIP covers. However, there are things OHIP does not cover. We have to understand that "insurance" is for rainy days. If you "know" or feel that it will never rain, you don't need an umbrella. Chances are we all have an umbrella or two at home no matter how many summy days we have over the years. You have to be prepared piror. Insurance is something you likely cannot get when you need it.
Lastly, I would like to share a story with you, our readers:
I was chatting with a client and she was telling me years ago (shortly after we met the first time), they went for a trip and she got really sick (as far as I remembered, she ate something and she got sick afterwards). They didn't contact me for travel insurance (I think they probably didn't know I do travel insurance at the time), but they did get travel insurance somewhere else.
What unfortunate was, where she got sick was just not covered under their coverage because they changed the agenda and the trip to that destination was not included. She told me it is just a 3 day trip they added.
Partly lucky that she has coverage from her credit card that she used to book the trip but that coverage was minimal. So at the end, they still ended with a medical bill, an unforgettable experience and more than a year's time to recover from her sickness.
This taught me a couple of things:
- of course, make sure to have coverage for rainy days (you never know when it rains);
- there are different kinds of travel insurance, looks like what they had was a plan solely based on their agenda, not based on travel duration;
- acquire any insurance products and solutions from a licensed person (there is a reason why a license is granted);
- read fine prints on travel insurance you buy, understand what is covered;
- be aware of what kind of risk you are entering when you travel (we don't want any of these situation at all);
- make sure to check travel advisory (in Canada,, travel insurance normally will NOT cover any destinations on the travel advisory list stating "Avoid all travel" from the government (of the country you purchased the policy);
- read ALL fine prints, online purchase is available doesn't mean the coverage is for YOU... many coverages are for LOCAL people (of the country the company opearates from).
I hope everyone will have fun on all the trips you go and wherever you go is enjoyable ;)

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