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Occasional smoker: whaz the big deal?

on Thu, 10/09/2014 - 10:12

I was reading my twitter feed early in the morning as usual and came across this news article: "Colorado pot shops trying to make things easier for first-time users"

In the article, it states one thing, which makes me feel extremely uncomfortable: A market study released in July suggested 40 per cent of customers in Denver-area recreational marijuana shops are tourists. That figure spikes to 90 per cent in ski towns such as Aspen or Breckenridge.

And they are right! I have heard people are "trying" marijuana more & more "for the first time" or "occasionally", especially when they are on vacation. People normally drop their standard when they are relaxed.

I came across a few insurance applications that client declared they smoked "one puff" or tried marijuana once when they were on vacation. That one puff will cost you way more as that makes you a "smoker", no matter how unusual it was.

There are even questions on Yahoo! Answers about people asking what effect "one time marijuana smoking" will do, etc

I can't stress how important it is that people have to understand the consequences on every move they act. Especially for those who said "I didn't even like it" - meaning "I will not do that again". Probably in hopes we (advisors) would cover for them on that "one occassion". Fact is: advisors are in the position of a "field underwriter" at the time of filling out an insurance application form with you, they cannot (note they have a license and they are bonded, which is why they need to be ethnical) help you lie to the insurance compaines.

At the end, should the insurance companies find out, they will revoke your coverage or denial to pay the benefit because that "cover up" is fraudulent.

Just before I post this up, another tweet from Toronto Star

 Which camp are you on?

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