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Solution! - Giving Birth In Toronto Without OHIP

on Mon, 07/07/2014 - 19:25
*Updated May 30, 2016
I get enquiries from time to time on non-residential pregnancy cases, but the last few months I had way more than what I had received before. I want to make sure we are all on the same page: pregnancy is better well planned and well-prepared than accidental or as a surprised incident.
As a financial advisor, family planning is always one of the main thing we look at when we strategize our financial future. Not to mention there are costs around raising a baby, more money spent when the kid needs to go to child care, summer camps and educational costs down the road. Giving birth and prenatal checkups and related tests could cost a lot if the pregnant woman has no provincial health coverage.
I was searching on the web and was shock to mean how many people take risks to give birth here in Canada without insurance. Please note, there is NO Visitor-to-Canada policy will cover childbirth as childbirth does not fall under "emergency event" because it is a known and foreseeable event. Visitor-to-Canada policies being offered in Canada even laid out very clearly on their EXCLUSION:
"Your routine prenatal care; your child born during your trip; your pregnancy or childbirth or complications thereof when they happen in the 9 weeks before or after the expected date of delivery."
So childbirth is definitely NOT covered by Visitor-to-Canada policies.
In order to have insurance coverage during childbirth, we have to buy tru global coverage, however, at the same time, lots of companies' coverage will cover maternity ONLY if the policy is being purchased and inforced for over 10 months (that means the insured CANNOT be already pregnant when she buys the policy). There are plans out there we can access, but of course, it is quite pricy compare to "normal" Visitor-to-Canada policies. Otherwise, trying to find insurance compaies run by Aussies will give you a good chance. Try it here: Another key to buying travel insurance is that, depending on where you are buying from (the country the compaines operating out of), you might or might not actually get covered!
Even though you are buying your coverage online, doesn't mean the coverage will cover you as there are many policies will only cover residents of the country where the companies operate out of. See below the answer I got from one of the compaines from Australia stating clearing that their coverage will only work for citizens and residents of Australia. In that case, those are NOT global coverage for world travellers.
If you are not too sure how much childbirth and prenatal checkups and tests can cost in Canada, I found, the closest, a price list from Trillium Health Center:
A list of prices required for birthing services if you do not have health insurance
And another report on Cost Of Delivering A Baby In Toronto Without OHIP, it states numbers from 11 years ago (2002-2003). Having a baby without insurance coverage can be costy and risky. Having a baby is supposed to be a happy event, don't add more stress to it, contact us for solution.

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